[Mono-list] Problem with XPS and --optimize=inline option

Jakub Hegenbart kyosuke@seznam.cz
Fri, 21 May 2004 15:33:41 +0200


I'm sorry if someody has already mentioned this issue.

I' running two Slackware 9.1 systems and on both, the most current Mono 
beta shows a strange behaviour when I use xsp.exe with the xsp /test 

If I use "mono /usr/local/bin/xsp.exe" in the /test dir, the sample 
pages work just fine. But when I use "mono --optimize=inline 
/usr/local/bin/xsp.exe," I get only an error page telling me :Server 
error in '/' application. Configuration error. Language not supported: 
c#," which is quite strange, since without the inline optimization, the 
support is obvious :) I have searched my lists but haven't found 
anything similar reported.

Shall I dig into some specific parts of Mono/XSP to diagnose it further?


Jakub Hegenbart