[Mono-list] RE: Is it Mono safe?

Mark Easton measton@tebiki.co.uk
Thu, 20 May 2004 20:30:48 +0100

>Look over here:
>and here:

>This is bad news.... :(

The first link is not news but rather random blog musings and the second
link is more akin to personal opinion than news.

>How do you convince somebody to programming in Mono if he already read

While there's a strong urge for Linuxites to dislike any technology
that's related to MS, real developers should be without technical
prejudice and the benefits of Mono pretty much speaks for themselves.

Sure there's a chance that MS might do some patent slapping at some
point, but is it really going to be worth their while?  After all, Mono
makes it a lot easier to integrate Windows solutions with cross-platform
software and it makes .NET much more attractive for organisations who're
afraid of vendor entrenchment or have reams of legacy software running
on assorted boxes.  

I personally feel that MS is going to be over the moon when Mono
stabilises as it will help MS to push their products onto non-Windows
platforms and it will help MS push .NET to organisations that might
otherwise consider Java and OSS. 

If you'll forgive the blasphemy, perhaps what's required for Linux to
finally 'succeed' on the desktop is for MS to release .NET versions of
their product lines - Imagine the joy of Windows Media Player on Linux!