[Mono-list] xml schema support

Atsushi Eno atsushi@ximian.com
Thu, 20 May 2004 21:25:55 +0900


>>How can we support the 1999 schema version also using the xmlSchema

At least we won't support 1999 WD version of XSD (We even don't
support XDR).

> I guess if one were looking for full compliance with the de facto
> specification a whole new class would have to be created to do this,
> with some kind of multiplexing front-end to dispatch to the correct
> class to hand the schema version.

Mono's XmlValidatingReader is halfly designed to be pluggable. But
I personally disagree the idea to incorporate other validating
language than XML Schema and DTD (and possibly XDR, that is not
supported and won't be supported for now).

They should be possible to be independently implemented outer
System.Xml.dll. I don't know what 1999 version of XSD is, but
System.Xml.Schema (and Mono.Xml.Schema) code might be reusable
to implement another Xml Schema validating reader.

(BTW XmlValidatingReader is obsoleted in .NET 2.0.)

Atsushi Eno