[Mono-list] A Plugin and WebService Issue

Fredrik Hedberg fredrik.hedberg@hedbergs.com
Thu, 20 May 2004 11:47:45 +0200


tor 2004-05-20 klockan 03.14 skrev Pablo Fischer:
> Hi!
> I would like to have some comments and suggestions about a issue.
> I am working in a Blog Client (mbloggy) that will work ONLY in SOAP (NO
> XMLRPC) for different CMS and Blogs (phpnuke, postnuke, jaws, etc, etc).
> To work with all these blogs I'm  planning to use a 'plugin' system,
> based in assemblies, for example:
> If a developer wants the plugin for a CMS (like drupal), he can save his
> .dll plugin in ~./mbloggy/plugins and when mbloggy starts it will read
> default plugins (in /etc/mbloggy) and the user plugins. When mbloggy
> finds a new plugin it will be added to a 'drop down' (gtk#) so the user
> can use it.
> My problem?, yes, I don't know which is the best option:
> a) Use .dll assemblies as plugins. But, how to connect to each plugin
> from the front end?, exists a data type that can 'clone' another
> object?, so I can do something like this:
> Wrapper wrap = new Wrapper();
> wrap.Clone("assemblie.dll");
> wrap.Url = "http://www.foo.bar.com/foo.aspx?wsdl"
> wrap.DeletePost(3);
> So I can use the 'methods' of assemblie.dll in the wrap object?.
> b) Or use just one .dll and let the developers to 'develop' just the
> WebService (server)?, So I can just work like this:
> Client c = new Client();
> c.Url = "http://www.foo.bar.com/foo.aspx?wsdl"
> c.DeletePost(3);
> Which is the best option? and where can I find more information for the
> best option?.
> Thanks!
> Pablo