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Paul paul@all-the-johnsons.co.uk
Tue, 18 May 2004 22:13:37 +0100

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> tested  with bothn gcc2.95 /3.0 / 3.1 /3.2 /3.3 , but the best results wi=
th 3.0 so used with 3.0
> mono 0.91

Um, how have you got all five of those packages installed? Did you
install 3.0, ditch it, 3.1, ditch, 3.2 etc etc. 3.0 was almost as badly
broken as 2.95 but at least had half decent C++ support!

> now i try to compile cvs snapshot and i have this error:

> any iodea?

Just one - , when you've done the cvs update, you haven't done a make
distclean before make (you shouldn't really need to, it just sometimes

> sorry for poor english... im an horrible frenchie ;)

I know plenty of Frenchies, some of them are quite nice!

I would suggest doing this.

1. Completely remove all compiled from cvs binaries and libraries from
your system
2. Deinstall any precompiled versions of mono. Make sure everything is
gone by trying to invoke mono from the command line
3. Remove any precompiled or self compiled versions of wine, wine-devel
and winelib
4. Install the .deb files from Ximian.

Try to compile that way and see if you can get it to work that way.

Sometimes it's damned hard to find out what a problem is when there can
be 101 different reasons for it in the first place.


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