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PFJ paul@all-the-johnsons.co.uk
Tue, 18 May 2004 16:22:32 +0100

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> i try to get working out System.windows.winforms but when i try to execut=
e =3D
>  a simple apllication,  i get a semgmenation error !=3D20
> WHY ????

No idea. All I can think of is that you have a conflict somewhere. When
you compiled the code using the newest version of mcs (etc), what did
you have on the command line as the -r:/ arguments? Let's try and chase
it from there=20

> Wine is working perfectly, winelib is installed and mono too... not the w=
> elib.exe.so error and mono is working fine alone.

That's useful to know. I take it you're using 0.91 of mono/mcs, 0.2 of
winelib and the April version of Wine?

> i ve mono compiled from source on a debian system

Which version of gcc did you use? 2.95.4 sucks big time and has lots of
evil problems.

> Sorry for flood, first i use a mailing llist but now i know how to use it=

Good. It also helps if you're considerate on the subject line. A lot of
spam filters would reject the wording you used.



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