[Mono-list] Virtual Hosts patch plans

Andrew Arnott AndrewArnott@byu.edu
Mon, 17 May 2004 15:19:44 -0600

That would be an elegant solution, but it seems it would be more work.
The emphasis on this patch is not elegance, since elegance would mean
rewriting more than I understand how to at the moment.

It sounds like a patch is forthcoming later today.  Eagerly waiting...

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Speaking out the side of my neck I ask why you couldnt use xml to
"delimit" the hosts?

On Mon, 2004-05-17 at 15:11, Andrew Arnott wrote:
> I plan to write a patch for mod_mono to enable support for multiple
> virtual hosts in Apache by extending the use of the
> MonoDocumentRootDir and MonoApplications parameters.  Essentially in
> addition to comma delimitation, I will use another character to
> delimit web sites and these will be top level keywords.  That is, they
> will not be specified in the VirtualHost tag area. =20
> =20
> I do not believe this is the best solution to the problem, but until a
> rewrite happens on mod_mono, or someone says they have a better design
> idea that they are willing to work for, this seems like the fastest
> way to get the job done. =20
> =20
> Has anyone already begun work on this?  Is there any interest if I
> create one?  I'll probably post it on the list either way once it's
> done.
> =20
> Andrew Arnott

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