[Mono-list] Problem installing mono

Werner Kratochwil register@sosgmbh.at
Mon, 17 May 2004 07:38:58 +0200


Thanks for all the answers, I got the rpm from somewhere from the internet.
Could you please add a link to the posix file on the download-page where 
you have all the other dependency-files, please. Or is my needing this 
file so special, that it would take too much space adding all similar 

I apologize for my saying that Microsoft sucks. I just have made so many 
bad experiences with software from them that I couldn't help it.

Cory Nelson wrote:

> If you read toward the middle of the Redhat download page, you'll find
> this: http://www.go-mono.com/archive/beta1/redhat-9-i386/mono-posix-0.91-0.ximian.6.3.i386.rpm.
>  If you meant SUSE,
> http://www.go-mono.com/archive/beta1/suse-90-i586/mono-posix-0.91-0.ximian.8.3.i586.rpm.
> <rant>
> "I'd really like to get rid of Microsoft. It sucks."
> You shouldn't say things like that, it just makes you look like an
> ass.  Judging by you saying that and "Linux 9.0",  one of those Linux
> noobs that just got off Windows XP and thinks they have to bash it
> every step of the way.  Please don't add to the stereotype that all
> Linux users are l33tist zealots.
> </rant>
> On Tue, 11 May 2004 10:24:17 +0200, Werner Kratochwil
> <register@sosgmbh.at> wrote:
>>I tried to install mono on my Linux 9.0 system today.
>>But I got the following dependency error:
>>Failed dependencies:
>>        mono-posix = 0.91-0.ximian.8.3 is needed by
>>For the other dependencies I installed:
>>    * icu-2.6.1-1.ximian.8.5.i586.rpm
>>    * libicu26-2.6.1-1.ximian.8.5.i586.rpm
>>I skipped the devel-version, because I thought it would be covered by
>>the non-devel-version:
>>    * libicu-devel-2.6.1-1.ximian.8.5.i586.rpm
>>Then I installed
>>    * mono-core-0.91-0.ximian.8.3.i586.rpm
>>and I got the above dependency error.
>>Any ideas?
>>How do I get this posix module?
>>I have tried to install older versions of mono before, but never made
>>it. Could this cause the problem?
>>I'd really like to get rid of Microsoft. It sucks.
>>Nice regards
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