[Mono-list] Problems with xsp-0.12 tarball?

Scott Muc mono@muc-central.com
Tue, 11 May 2004 20:36:59 -0700

Hey everyone,

I'm doing my best to get Mono and XSP running on FreeBSD 4.9. I got
mono-0.31 installed from the ports collection, and I am installing xsp
from source. 

I downloaded the xsp-0.12 src from go-mono.com, and when it came to
un-tarring it I see the following results:

tar: xsp-0.12/nunit-tests/standalone/PaxHeaders.19433/test1.cs: Unknown
file type 'x', extracted as normal file

This results in source that's not able to be compiled.

I had no problems un-tarring xsp-0.13. I am getting bus errors when
running xsp-0.13 so that's why I want to try out xsp-0.12.

Scott Muc