[Mono-list] Windows installer - Take 3, a.k.a. "this should w ork for everyone"

Dave Parsons dparsons@algsoftware.com
Tue, 11 May 2004 09:36:54 +0100


I tried the latest installer, from 

But still get:


** (C:\Program Files\Mono-0.91\lib\mbas.exe:680): WARNING **: Could not find
embly Mono.GetOptions, references from C:\Program
Files\Mono-0.91\lib\mbas.exe (
     Major/Minor: 1,0
     Build:       5000,0
     Token:       0738eb9f132ed756

Unhandled Exception: System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set
an instance of an object

This is a completely clean Windows 2000 Professional installation (on
VMware) with SP4. The Mono installer is run without changing directories for
the installation path. Many other utilities, e.g. mbas gives the error
shown. I do not have Cygwin installed, and run the NT command file from a
command prompt.

The commands that fail are:

Cert2spc	- unhandled exception
Cert2spec	- exe file is missing
Certmgr	- unhandled exception
Disco		- unhandled exception
Ilasm		- unhandled exception
Makecert	- unhandled exception
Mbas		- unhandled exception
Monograph	- cannot open assembly mscorlib.dll
Monop		- unhandled exception
Signcode	- unhandled exception
Sn		- unhandled exception
Soapsuds	- unhandled exception
Sqlsharp	- unhandled exception
Wsdl		- unhandled exception
Xsd		- unhandled exception

What am I missing here? I am new to Mono, having used 0.31 before the beta,
which installed and worked flawlessly.


Dave Parsons
Senior VP of Product Development
ALG Software

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