[Mono-list] Mono Beta1 and Error with Monodoc

Tobias Bradtke webwurst@web.de
Tue, 11 May 2004 03:07:25 +0200

hi everyone,

i know installation-errors are boring, but i don't get it..

i'm running fedora-core2-test3 and installed mono from here:

'monodoc --make-index' does work, but just
'monodoc' througs an error:


Unhandled Exception: System.DllNotFoundException: gtkhtml-3.0
in <0x00053> (wrapper managed-to-native) Gtk.HTML:gtk_html_new ()
in <0x00021> Gtk.HTML:.ctor ()
in [0x001aa] (at /home/duncan/conf/mono-conf/monodoc/BUILD/monodoc-0.15/browser/browser.cs:209) Monodoc.Browser:.ctor ()
in [0x00120] (at /home/duncan/conf/mono-conf/monodoc/BUILD/monodoc-0.15/browser/browser.cs:81) Monodoc.Driver:Main (string[])


'rpm -q gtkhtml3' says: 'gtkhtml3-3.1.12-1' is installed.

if i search for 'gtkhtml*dll' i get severel locations with
"gtkhtml-sharp.dll", but none with "gtkhtml.dll" or so..

what can i do??