[Mono-list] vb.net applications on linux

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Mon, 10 May 2004 13:28:38 +0100

As far as I'm aware the VB.Net provision under mono is far from being
production stable. I would therefore suggest you migrate the application to
an alternate server if you wish to continue with the linux migration.=20

With regards the code conversion, there are many tools available on the web
to convert code, however the reliability of the code produced is always goi=
to be questionable. Try, for example,

Jon Cooper

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I'm planning to migrating a server from windows to linux. However one of the
applications is in vb.net. Its a fairly big applications so i don't think i=
going to be possible to rewrite it.
I know that currently in mono there's no production level implementation of
vb.net available. Are there any other ways i could use this .net application
on the linux server? Anyone ever tried to convert an application from vb.net
to C# then ran it on mono? Any other ways?

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