[Mono-list] Database Schema

Brian Ritchie brianlritchie@hotmail.com
Sun, 9 May 2004 22:55:19 -0400

Thursday 06 May 2004 17:08, Pedro Santos wrote:
> What's the best way to get the Database schema? The only way I see is 
> to perform a query to a DataSet and get get the schema from the 
> DataSet. Is there any other way?


I've recently posted a small project called SharpDbSchema that might assist
you.  It is designed using a provider pattern which will allow each database
provider to implement a method for collecting schema information.  The
initial version includes the basic interfaces, factory-based provider
creation using a configuration file, and a MS SQL Server schema provider
(other providers can be easily added).

You can download it here: http://www.dotnetpowered.com/sharpdbschema.aspx