[Mono-list] building gecko-sharp 0.3 from tarball fails

Rodolfo Campero rodolfocampero@hotmail.com
Fri, 07 May 2004 22:27:42 +0000

I'm not able to compile gecko-sharp-0.3 from tarball. I need it in order to 
run monodevelop.

This is the output I get:

# make
Making all in sources
make[1]: Entering directory 
make[1]: No se hace nada para `all'.
make[1]: Leaving directory 
Making all in gtkmozembed
make[1]: Entering directory 
cp ./gtkgecko-api.raw gtkgecko-api.xml
chmod u+w gtkgecko-api.xml
mono /usr/bin/gapi-fixup.exe --api=./gtkgecko-api.xml 
mono /usr/bin/gapi_codegen.exe --generate ./gtkgecko-api.xml --include 
/usr/share/gapi/gdk-api.xml /usr/share/gapi/gtk-api.xml 
/usr/share/gapi/atk-api.xml --outdir=generated --customdir=. 
--assembly-name=gecko-sharp && touch generated-stamp
Ellipsis parameter in ctor in Object Gtk.Widget
Ellipsis parameter in ctor in Object Gtk.Object
Generating mappers

Generation Summary:
  Enums: 4  Structs: 0  Boxed: 0  Opaques: 0  Interfaces: 0  Objects: 2  
Callbacks: 0
  Properties: 0  Signals: 25  Methods: 22  Constructors: 0  Throttled: 2
Total Nodes: 55

cp ../crichtma.pub .
mcs --unsafe --target library -L /usr/lib \
-r glib-sharp.dll -r gtk-sharp.dll -r gdk-sharp.dll \
./NewWindowOrphan_handler.cs ./NewWindow_delegate.cs ./NewWindow_handler.cs 
./AssemblyInfo.cs generated/*.cs -o gecko-sharp.dll
./NewWindowOrphan_handler.cs(10) error CS0246: Cannot find type 
./NewWindow_delegate.cs(12) error CS0246: Cannot find type `SignalCallback'
./NewWindow_handler.cs(10) error CS0246: Cannot find type 
Compilation failed: 3 error(s), 0 warnings
make[1]: *** [gecko-sharp.dll] Error 1
make[1]: Leaving directory 
make: *** [all-recursive] Error 1

My system:
mono, mcs & gtk-sharp built from CVS.

output from "configure" in mono:
        GC:          included
        ICU:         yes. Version: 2.8
        NPTL:        yes
        SIGALTSTACK: yes
        Engine:      Building and using the JIT
        2.0 Alpha:   no
        JNI support: no

Any ideas? (If this is not the right list please let me know.)


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