[Mono-list] Running beta 1 on Windows

Daniel Morgan danielmorgan@verizon.net
Thu, 6 May 2004 23:35:26 -0400

Here is how I was able to copy them.  (Thanks to Gonzalo)

If you do not have cygwin, install it from http://www.cygwin.com/

In a cygwin shell, type:

Administrator@danpc /cygdrive/c/mono-beta1
$ find /cygdrive/e/mono-beta1/lib/mono/gac/ -name \*.dll -exec cp {}
e/mono-beta1/lib \;

Above, beware of word wrapping...

I have installed Mono Beta 1 to E:\mono-beta1
so you may have to change it to where you installed Mono.

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> I've run into the same problem other people have had running beta 1
> under windows. The problem seems to lie within the GAC. If the dlls are
> copied out of the GAC subdirectories into the lib directory, everything
> will work. Somehow it doesn't know how to find the right assemblies in
> the GAC.
> I'm hoping that this information is useful for someone to fix this
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