[Mono-list] Socket.Select problem

Dennis Jarosch ya_luva@uni.de
Wed, 05 May 2004 22:37:23 +0200

Hi Guys!

Thanx for your answers! I actually found out what my major mistake was:

> 2) the time is in *microseconds*, so your code waits for a total of 5

I actually missed this *microseconds* point! :-/ No wonder my transfers
were borked, 5 milliseconds isn't even enough for my local network. :)

Using select seemed straight-forward to me, being a C++ hacker. I have
used Poll() now with a longer timeout and it works.

> You said that Select does not work correctly, I think it is because
> after one timeout it quits.

Yupp, I posted very simple alpha-code and I was aware of that. I'll
implemented error-checking and re-reads now.

Thanks again!