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dfkettle@sympatico.ca dfkettle@sympatico.ca
Tue, 4 May 2004 08:06:52 -0400

Thanks! Actually, I just took a look and there were 13 batch files
installed in the Windows directory=2E Now I just have to figure out
what they're all for! I still seem to have a problem with the path
not being set correctly, I'm getting a message about 'msvcr70=2Edll'
not being found=2E But it's probably just a matter of tweaking these
batch files=2E

Maybe someone could add a 'readme=2Etxt' to the Windows download
letting people know about these files=2E I had no idea they were=20
there until you told me=2E

Thanks for your help=2E


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There should have been some batch files installed in your Windows director=


Use these batch files from a MS DOS Command Line=2E

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I downloaded the Windows version of Mono and installed it under W2000,
but I'm having difficulty using it=2E Are there any other requirements
for running it under Windows 2000? For example, does it require any
GNU tools? The reason I ask is that the scripts in the 'bin' directory
don't run under Windows as-is; they contain Unix-like commands rather
than DOS commands (for example, they use 'export' rather than 'set' to
set environment variables)=2E

This isn't a complain, I'm just a little confused=2E If there are other
requirements for running it under Windows, maybe you should add them
to your list of frequently-asked questions=2E


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