[Mono-list] Socket.Select problem

Dennis Jarosch ya_luva@uni.de
Mon, 03 May 2004 22:36:56 +0200


This is probably not mono-devel related but I'd really appreciate it, if
somebody could help.

I am writing a client application (w/ mono and C#) that communicates
with the server via message-strings. These strings are terminated by the
usual '\n'. The '\n' may be followed by additional data, which is why
the string has to be processed before reading the rest.

I am currently getting one character at a time, checking the
socket-state with Socket.Select. Yes, using a buffer would be nice, but
the server-protocol forces me to do it this way. ;-)

Somehow Select (and Poll, which I have also tried) does not seem to work
correctly. Sometimes I get correct results, mostly nothing is read
though. When using a buffer, everything works rather fine. When using -1
as timeout value, everything works fine but blocks after the last char.

This is my code:
++++++++++++++++++++++++ Select

ArrayList listenList = new ArrayList();

int count = 0;
bool read = true;

while (read)
	read = false;
	Socket.Select(listenList, null, null, 5000);
	if (listenList.Contains(socket))
		read = true;
		count = socket.Receive(buffer, 1, SocketFlags.None);

		Console.WriteLine("count: " + count);

		message += (char)buffer[0];
		if ((char)buffer[0] == '\n')
			return message;

++++++++++++++++++++++++ Poll

while (socket.Poll(-1, SelectMode.SelectRead))
	count = socket.Receive(buffer, 1, SocketFlags.None);

	message += (char)buffer[0];
	if ((char)buffer[0] == '\n')
		return message;	


Thanks for reading!