[Mono-list] Mac / Mono

Tom Wilkie tw275@cam.ac.uk
Wed, 31 Mar 2004 20:05:30 +0100


I'm new to the whole Mono and .Net thing, but like the look of it, 
being an avid mac fan, I'd like to get involved in the mac side of 
things.  I've read through the whole of the last two months posting 
pertaining to macs, and don't really know if I can help big style on 
the coding front, so though I would perhaps create a mac mono site 
compiling all the tips, howtos, progress etc.

What do you all think?  I see three main topics:

 >> Getting it to work on OS X

 >> XCode integrations

 >> Extras: ASP.net on apache, Monodevelop, GTK#, etc, etc

If you give us the go ahead, I will go register a domain name and sort 
something out, then start compiling all the stuff together.

Cheers guys, hope you like.


A bit about me:  I am a Cambridge Uni Computer Science student, in my 
first year.  Next term I do my compiler course, so will be able to help 
more then!  In my holidays I work for a small engineering company, and 
have been asked to port all their web solutions over to .Net, so I use 
mono on their windows and linux boxes.

Heres some sites I've already done: