[Mono-list] Potential Bugs

Abram Gillespie agillesp@vt.edu
Wed, 31 Mar 2004 10:31:22 -0500

I can't seem to get a compiled assembly to refresh in ASP.NET:

1.  I'm trying to compile code into an assembly; a page runs it with 
the "inherits" directive.  I can get it to work once.  But when I 
compile any changes, the changes never propagate.  Yes I copy the new 
dll to its correct \bin location.  Yes the permissions are correct.

2.  Because of 1) twice I've tried deleting the tmp dlls from /tmp.  
Both times this has completely broken ASP.NET.  Whenever navigating, 
from the web browser, to any of my aspx pages I get 404.  But this is 
an ASP.NET 404 and not an Apache 404.  Rebooting doesn't help.  I fixed 
this once buy "make clean" ing everything, downloading a newer Mono 
version (0.30 -> 0.31), recompiling, and reinstalling.  (BTW - what is 
the correct method for completely removing Mono?)  However - this time 
I broke it - the above steps aren't fixing it.

You can see this in action by going to and 
click any of the aspx sample pages.

Thanks group!