[Mono-list] mcs hangs on FreeBSD!

Swaroop C H swaroop@g2swaroop.net
Wed, 31 Mar 2004 01:29:32 +0530

Hello all,

    I searched the list archives but I couldn't find a solution
to this problem I am facing.

    I was able to successfully compile and install Mono 0.30.2
from source on a FreeBSD box, but however mcs hangs whenever I
try to compile a simple HelloWorld program. It even shows the
version number for 'mcs --version' but then it just goes into
some sort of infinite loop i.e. it hangs. I have to hit Ctrl-C to
stop it.

Can anyone point out what I am doing wrong?

    (I have always used Linux for Mono till now and never faced any
problems but I am new to FreeBSD and I want to use Mono on that).


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