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Shawn Vose svose@programmerforrent.com
Thu, 25 Mar 2004 11:25:36 -0500

I definitely think that the best and least complicated way to go about
doing what this prospect was wanting would be to store the compiled
module or class in a blob field in mysql or sql server. When I get a
response(if I get a response) from the prospect I will post it to the
list and who ever wants to contact him then feel free to do so. All I
ask is that you indicate in your contact that I referred him to you this
way there is not a non-disclosure issue. I told Dave he was more than
welcome to the project as I don't have the time to take on another one
right now. Dave indicated that Jonathan and Jackson may want it as well.
They initially gave me a reply so I would presume they would have first
dibs at it.


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Would it be an idea to store a module (compile cs file) into the 
database? That is what Progress(tm) does with Java classes for trigger 

Shawn Vose wrote:

>I have no idea. IT was someone that contacted me via my website and
>gave very little details other than what I have indicated in my
>Personally I didnt think it was possible. I knew it would have required
>recompile whenever new code was being pulled from the db and after
>some reading last night I also concluded that there would have to be a
>that was already available that would allow Reflection. I have only
>web apps in c# and asp.net which hardly makes me competent to even know
>where to begin on this.
>With respect to snippets they would be added to the db by other
>which would be based on permissions. Truthfully if the contact replies
to my
>request for a specification on the project I will pass it on to you if
>would be interested in doing it. Personally my time is limited and
>it sounds like a challenge I just dont have the experience or the time
>Shawn Vose
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>Hi Shawn.
>I know you've gotten a couple of good answers on this already, but I'm
>curious about the application. Would you mind sharing why your client
>to do this? Also, where do they want the code snippets to execute--on
>client, or on the server? Will the code snippets manipulate the
>Where will the snippets come from?
>I'm intrigued by this idea.
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>Does anyone know if the following is possible:
>Taking a snippet of .NET c# code, maybe a function, and storing it in a
>mysql db
>to be later called by another piece of code and executed?
>I was asked this question by a client and I dont have the slightest
>on how to answer this. My initial answer is no because it would have to
>be compiled into the calling class; however, I am thinking that
>system.reflection would be able to help me.
>Any opinions or direction  would be greatly appreciated.
>Shawn Vose
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