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I have no idea. IT was someone that contacted me via my website and they
gave very little details other than what I have indicated in my question.
Personally I didnt think it was possible. I knew it would have required a
recompile whenever new code was being pulled from the db and after doing
some reading last night I also concluded that there would have to be a class
that was already available that would allow Reflection. I have only coded
web apps in c# and asp.net which hardly makes me competent to even know
where to begin on this.
With respect to snippets they would be added to the db by other developers,
which would be based on permissions. Truthfully if the contact replies to my
request for a specification on the project I will pass it on to you if you
would be interested in doing it. Personally my time is limited and although
it sounds like a challenge I just dont have the experience or the time right

Shawn Vose

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Hi Shawn.

I know you've gotten a couple of good answers on this already, but I'm
curious about the application. Would you mind sharing why your client wants
to do this? Also, where do they want the code snippets to execute--on the
client, or on the server? Will the code snippets manipulate the database?
Where will the snippets come from?

I'm intrigued by this idea.


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Does anyone know if the following is possible:

Taking a snippet of .NET c# code, maybe a function, and storing it in a
mysql db

to be later called by another piece of code and executed?

I was asked this question by a client and I dont have the slightest clue
on how to answer this. My initial answer is no because it would have to
be compiled into the calling class; however, I am thinking that
system.reflection would be able to help me.

Any opinions or direction  would be greatly appreciated.

Shawn Vose

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