[Mono-list] need some help abt .net

Michael J. Ryan tracker1_lists@theroughnecks.com
Tue, 23 Mar 2004 18:54:43 -0700

Michael J. Ryan wrote:
> AFAIK, your best bet would be to use the OpenGL Libraries, not sure if 
> there is a project to write a nice OpenGL Wrapper for .Net, but would 
> be surprised if there wasn't... most newer graphics cards have systems 
> that are almost as optimised for OpenGL 2.0 as they are for DirectX 8.1+

further reading.. :)

Tao Framework - Misc C# wrappers for OpenGL (used by Axiom)

Axiom - C# 3D game engine for .Net

ExoEngine - A C# OpenGL and Cg 3D Game Engine for .NET

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