[Mono-list] More Mac OS X problems

Benjamin Reed ranger@befunk.com
Tue, 23 Mar 2004 14:51:01 -0500

Abe Gillespie wrote:

> Thanks to the help of this list I finally got Mono compiled.  Now, 
> though, I get "Bus Error" every time I run mcs.  (And yes, "mcs" is 
> actually a script that runs mcs.exe via mint as described in the Mac OS 
> X write-up.)  I can do "mcs --help" and "mcs --about" w/o problems.  But 
> I can't compile anything due to said error.

Hm, I'm not getting this with my build of 0.31.  I'm doing the 0.31 Fink 
build I put out yesterday, it seems to work fine (I was actually able to 
build mcs-0.31 with mint, and I'm giving gtk# another shot right now.)

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