[Mono-list] What application/library should be coding in C#

Philippe Lavoie philippe.lavoie@cactus.ca
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Like any open source code. The most important thing is to code it. So I =
suggest to code a gtksourceview in C#. If people like it, they will use =
it and build on it. If not, well, you can't really force them :)

Whether or not it will be included in gnome is another story, however it =
can most likely be included in gtk# or in gtk#-extras (whatever the =
mainteners decide).=20

All this is theoretical until you actually code it... :)

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Le lun 22/03/2004 =E0 13:06, Jonathan Pryor a =E9crit :
> > What will be the performance of gtk if it is coded in C# ?=20
> Code it up and give us a performance comparison? ;-)
> There are too many variables to answer this question.
>  - Jon
Sample :

the time to open applications, open window ... read glade xml file and
make the interface...

Personally, I would like contribute to gtksourceview, but I don't
understand why it isn't coded in C#. If it is coded in C#, this library
will be more simply to port to win32 or Mac OSX.

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