[Mono-list] SIGILL in I18N on OSX

Benjamin Reed ranger@befunk.com
Mon, 22 Mar 2004 14:59:55 -0500

I've been checking whether MCS is yet buildable on OSX, and it gets 
farther than before, it now dies with:

Creating ../../../build/deps/I18N.dll.makefrag ...
touch ../../../build/deps/I18N.dll.stamp
MONO_PATH="../../../class/lib:$MONO_PATH" mono  ../../../mcs/mcs.exe 
/r:mscorlib.dll  -d:NET_1_1 -d:ONLY_1_1 -g /noconfig  /target:library 
/out:../../../class/lib/I18N.dll @I18N.dll.sources

Unhandled Exception: System.ExecutionEngineException: SIGILL

...any ideas what this means?

I'm using the default profile, and the mono 0.31 packages I just put up 
in Fink unstable.

Benjamin Reed, a.k.a. RangerRick
ranger@befunk.com / http://ranger.befunk.com/