[mono] [Mono-list] Bad feelings on mono.

Cory Nelson phrosty@int64.org
Sat, 20 Mar 2004 14:01:08 -0800

"some people who just hate Mono"

Lots of ignorant C zealots or anti-microsoft people are like that.  I was
like that, until I tried out C# as a joke.  Now I love C#, and even have an
MCAD.NET cert :)


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Well I announced a C#, GTK#, Mono port of Gfax for Gnome on Footnotes and it
seems to have caused some bad feelings.  I hope this is something that will
eventually go away but at this point there seems some people who just hate
Mono and the whole idea behind it.  Too bad.

Cheers all.

George Farris <george@gmsys.com>

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