[Mono-list] Java and C#

Jeroen Frijters jeroen@sumatra.nl
Fri, 19 Mar 2004 09:20:22 +0100

Jonathan Pryor wrote:
> They really need to document this better...

The problem is that "they" is really just me... Like most of you, I only
have 24 hours a day :-)

[...excellent explanation deleted...]

> ".Method", hence cli.System.EventHandler.Method.  (This could actually
> be a class, but Java convention is for these to be interfaces, so I'm
> assuming they're interfaces.  I'd have to compile a sample app and
> disassemble it to be sure.)

You are correct, it's an interface.

> I suspect that there is no way to add attributes in Java.

Not yet, but in JDK 1.5, Java has attribute support. I haven't tried
yet, but I suspect that .NET attributes can be mapped to Java attributes
and v.v. That would be cool.

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