[Mono-list] completing TODOs

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Thu, 18 Mar 2004 13:34:56 +0000

As I said to you, it's best to work out the high level goals of a class or 
function from MSDN and other documents.  It's then worth experimenting with the 
MS implementation to see exactly how a function or class works from the users 
perspective.  Remember that your aim is to replicate the behaviour of a method 
or class, as opposed to the implementation.  You can thoroughly check that your 
work does this using unit tests against both platforms.

Failing this, it's worth coming back to the list with specific questions with 
regards to what a specific method is supposed to do.  I personally found that 
high level understanding of an issue made the API simpler to understand (even 
if you wouldn't have written it the same way yourself.)


Quoting mono devel <nvineeth_mono@yahoo.com>:

> Hello,
>     After contributing a few Test cases to
> System.Reflection i am interseted in implementing the
> TODOs.
>     I would like to know how i can know the exact
> details of functionality that has to be added into
> these TODOs. THe MSDN is not sufficient for some of
> them.
>     Few of the TODOs are partially complete and i
> could not figure out what has to be done further.
>     Whom should i contact to find out the remaining
> work that has to be done. 
>     can some please guide me regarding this.
>     thanks.
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