[Mono-list] Java, Mono, or C++.. by HP

Moritz Angermann moritz.angermann@gmx.net
Thu, 18 Mar 2004 03:25:18 +0100

Can't we just wait for Novell/Ximians review on this.
And than take the legal concerns into account? About
what part might get killed off and what might not?

Also speed is relative ( to speed that is ). No, but
honestly we've seem improvements in java's vm over
the years. mono's might as well get improved. I do
not say that the base of gnome should be mono based
at least not yet for the given reasons. But as I
already mentioned elsewhere the *day to day* small
apps could benifit quite well from mono ( with what
ever language you like ).

I do think the potential of mono is huge. And maybe
when gnome 3.6 ( what ever tell me a house number )
ships or the legal review is done, this discussion
should be taken up again.

So lets postpone it until than and during the time
everyone do what he/she likes best / feels comfor-
table with.

kindest regards,

On Wed, 2004-03-17 at 22:33, Preston Crawford wrote:
> As a Gnome user and fan I'd prefer Gnome remained fast and unencumbered
> by possible legal tangles. I don't want EITHER Java nor Mono to form the
> basis of Gnome.
> Just my personal opinion and I'm a Mono fan as well.
> Preston
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