[Mono-list] Mono and Patents....

Alex Combas yummyfiddlehead@yahoo.com
Mon, 15 Mar 2004 16:19:06 -0800 (PST)

--- Stuart Ballard <sballard@netreach.com> wrote:

> > Unfortunately for you, flames have a funny way of
> > burning down bridges, so I really doubt you will
> be
> > getting more information from _anyone_ here.
> I hope not, because I still want to use Mono, and I
> really hope that 
> *someone* comes up with an answer to Andy's valid
> question, which is:
> "Where's the authoritative statement which says that
> Microsoft will 
> continue to license the ECMA technologies
> *royalty-free*, as opposed to 
> just RAND, and how legally binding is that
> statement?"

I guess it goes without saying that I do not speak in
behalf of anyone but myself. 

So as far as when I said that I "doubt Andy would be
getting any more info from anyone else" I was really
out of line there.

In Andy's flame to Miguel the first thing he implied
was that he was angry and that he was leaving the
mailing list, but now in his latest email he has
appologized for stepping over the line. So as far as 
I am concerned the whole thing is just water under the
bridge now.

I would like to encourage Andy not to feel bad, to
continue using Mono, and to continue to voice his
opinions and idea's on the mono-list. I only object to
flaming hardworking developers who take time out of
their busy schedule to asnwer email on a public
mailing list. I dont care what the subject is, that is
just bad taste.

Dont get me wrong, I totally agree that hard questions
_need_ to be asked and I think its a good thing when
people are BOLD enough to ask them. 

But I also think that when people start demanding
ultimate and completely binding answers to difficult
questions that they are going a bit to far. 

Ask your questions, wait for answers, and if your not
totally satisfied with the answers that you get (or
the emperical evidence that backs up the answers) then
you are free to walk away. Nobody is putting a gun to
your head demanding that you use Mono and like it.

But I really hope no one leaves over this, and Im
sorry if any of my comments push people away.

Im really looking forward to this legal review, and I
think that all this will become a total non-issue
after the legal review is complete.

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