[Mono-list] Do I have to put *partents* here to get attention?

Robert Shade rshade@dvsconsulting.com
Mon, 15 Mar 2004 17:29:31 -0500

:) Yeah, this conversation seems to come up here from time to time.

The best places to get info these particular questions would probably be 
gtk-sharp-list and monodevelop-list (available at 

As far as the doc goes, make additions with the things that you've found 
and send them to the list to be included.


Moritz Angermann wrote:
> Hi everybody,
> I've sent several mail to this mailing list asking for
> assistance or confirmation.
> What I received so far was a flamewar about stuff that
> had already been said or was not going to be answered.
> I don't know but I understood this mailing list as one
> about developing with mono. If I'm wrong please don't
> read any further and tell me wich the right mailing list
> is.
> If this legal discussion is going on, it blurs those
> wo actually try to get some help. So I'd suggest to put
> the *legal* requests and discussion into mono-legal
> mailing list. -- That's just a suggestion.
> I'm a 19 year old German Student and I'm going for my
> A-Levels. So I'm interested in mono as I'm a technology
> junky and I'd like to explore c# a little. Thus the 
> legal case is not really a concern at the moment.
> Anyway I tried to ask the following things:
>   Usage of long time tasks with the GUI.
>   If the behaviour of GtkImage from Glade is
>    intended or a bug.
> For the first I got some answers on the IRC channel.
> Some in the GTK FAQ, some in sample apps. So I came
> up with three ways of doing it. Wich is confusing, at
> lease for someone who tries to start with it.
> The latest Codesample, to wich i posted a link in my
> previous mail, uses ThreadNotify for this, though I
> still do not know if I call it right.
> For the second problem, I've not got any help.
> I figured how to hack the .glade file to actually
> work with mono. But I think that's not the way it's
> intended. Thus this might be a bug, but I don't know,
> so I ask.
> So far my digging into mono was really hard. As I did not
> find any good pointer where to look at where to start.
> Sure, the tutorial on go-mono.com is good. And also the
> monodoc. But the first is only half hearted finished, and
> the latter one misses some documentation.
> I do not accuse anyone here for not doing so I just try to
> make it clear that it's really hard to get one's feet wet
> with mono. 
> MD is a lot of help when getting started with mono. But
> finding the *New Combine* takes some time.
> Anyway.
> Kindest Regards,
>  -mo