[Mono-list] Mono and Patents....

gabor gabor@z10n.net
Mon, 15 Mar 2004 22:03:43 +0100

On Mon, 2004-03-15 at 21:23, Alex Combas wrote:
> *sigh*
> Dear Mr Troll,

ok, it the flames are already burning, this won't hurt more :)
> Not in any way to slight _your_ career in opensource
> development, which I am sure is more extensive than my
> own, but you have just flamed Miguel who is someone
> everyone here knows and respects for _his_ career in
> opensource.
yes, i also respect him very much, but he still didn't answer my (imho
also andy's) question.
> Miguel is also a _very_ respected community leader. I
> cant even begin to tell you how childish your remarks
> about his community building skills seem.
maybe you're right here, i also like very much his blog entries, but his
latest mails are a little bit ...let's say not that informative as his
blog entries
> Furthermore, one would think that you would have
> enough sence to at least be appreciative that he
> bothered to personally answer your questions at all.
> When he could have (and should have) been doing a
> zillion other things.

wow, we got a mail from Miguel de Icaza PERSONALLY!!!!! WOWOWOWOWOWOWOW
let's all of us pray before Miguel :)))
(no, i don't want to offend anyone, but words like "personally anser"
and so on, it seems soooo funny to me)

btw. he works/owns/whatever in/for a company which is primarily focused
on mono. Andy in contrast seems to be  a developer, who would like to
use mono. so basically Miguel is selling something, and Andy wants
(wanted, to be more precise) to buy it. so we could also look at this
from the following point: Andy wasted his time asking the seller some
questions about a product, and he got no answers from the seller. The
seller only told him, that he doesn't understand what he is asking, so
he should better learn all stuff-not-exactly-needed-for-programmers, and
then...no, he won't get answers even then.
i am not saying that's the correct point of view. but imho it's as good
as your point of view.
> But no, he decided that he would personally try to
> asuage your fears regarding MS and Mono, and got
> flamed for his efforts.
the same as above.
> Instead of flaming him (which is _exactly_ what you
> just did) perhaps you could have started by saying:
> "Thanks for the info. I really appreciate your time Mr
> de Icaza, but Im _still_ not convinced. Is there
> anything more you could show me?". Eventually the
> magic bullet you are so desperately seeking would be
> found. 
he asked...how many times? 2x? 3x? and he always got the same answer:
> Unfortunately for you, flames have a funny way of
> burning down bridges, so I really doubt you will be
> getting more information from _anyone_ here.
> Have a nice day :)

have a nice day too :)))

> ps. When MS is gone and you're running a Mono based
> GNOME desktop like the other 90% of mankind, remember
> that you blew up and had a hissy fit at one of
> GNOME's, Ximian's, and Mono's founding members.

i hope you meant this as a joke :)