[Mono-list] XAML Support ???

Pettibone, Micheal L Micheal_Pettibone@baylor.edu
Sun, 14 Mar 2004 21:37:34 -0600

Seeing that the Mono project is coming along very well - I wanted to =
address what I feel to be a very important upcoming feature of the .NET =
Framework, XAML.  For those of you that do not know, XAML (pronounce as =
"zamel") is much like Mozilla's XUL with some distinct differences.

o  XAML tags map directly to .NET classes.
o  XAML files can be compiled.
o  XAML will be native to Longhorn's IE7 browser.=20
o  XAML has the ability to let someone embed code within it :(=20

With the above listed, XAML will greatly blur the line between what =
people perceive as an OS application and a web application.

Has there being any talk of supporting XAML and if so, will this also be =
implemented in Mozilla so that Linux (and even Windows if you were to =
run the Mozilla browser on Windows) can reap the benefits of XAML?

I would greatly like to help in development and/or help organize =
development the implemention of XAML -NOW-.  Let's not what until after =
the fact :)


Micheal Pettibone


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