[Mono-list] problems while building

Uppenborn, Jason Jason.Uppenborn@atcoitek.com
Fri, 12 Mar 2004 11:01:46 -0700

Sounds like a good script...

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I do it this way:

1. build mono.
2. build corlib (do "make" in mcs/class/corlib)
3. as root, "make install" in mono and then in mcs/class/corlib
4. build (as regular user) and install (as root) the rest of mcs.
5. build and install gtk-sharp, monodoc and everything else.

This works for me always.

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>Subject: Re: [Mono-list] problems while building
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>Download the latest monocharge from http://www.go-mono.com/daily.
>Copy all dlls to usr/local/lib and exes to usr/local/bin (if you have
>used prefix while building mono use that path instead of usr/local)
>setps are -
>build mono
>make install mono
>copy files (dll and exe) from mono charge
>make mcs
>make install
>You should take new monocharge every time you update mono and mcs.
>The other work around is you can build corlib once after updating mcs
>(before building whole mono and mcs)
>This works most of the times.
>But the first option is a easier and safer one I believe.
> >>> mono devel <nvineeth_mono@yahoo.com> 12-Mar-04 2:06:51 PM >>>
>hello ,
>I did a anonCVS update of mono and mcs  and i got this
>error while running
>"make" under mcs directory :
>MONO_PATH=3D"../../../class/lib:$MONO_PATH" mono
>../../../mcs/mcs.exe /r:mscorlib.dll  -d:NET_1_1
>-d:ONLY_1_1 -g /noconfig  /target:library
>/out:../../../class/lib/I18N.dll @I18N.dll.sources
>Corlib not in sync with this runtime: expected corlib
>version 10, found 13.
>Download a newer corlib or a newer runtime at
>1)i want to know if i am supposed to download the
>newer corlib every time i do a
>anonCVS update.
>2)Also i want to know directory in which the newly
>downloaded corlib should be placed.
>please guide me,
>vineeth N
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