AW: [Mono-list] Platform comparison

Jochen Wezel
Fri, 12 Mar 2004 14:32:46 +0100

I think, we shouldn't look at the shell32.dll but on the behaviour in =


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An: Jonathan Gilbert
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Hello Jonathan,

> Like I said, Explorer does not support *renaming* a file so that it=20
> begins with a dot :-) It is a bug in the SHRenameFile function. I=20
> debugged it a

Right, this is an *Explorer* bug. You can rename succesfully a "dot =
file" from the command prompt, from some save dialog boxes, and other =
apis that don't depend on the shell32.dll function SHRenameFile.

However, to stay compatible, Mono should reproduce the ms implementation =
on this. I'm sure there are applications out there applying workarounds =
in its code for fixing the issue, and it will need Mono to be consistent =
to work properly.

I think we need some test cases that try fileName =3D "a\\b"; fileName =
=3D "a" + "\\" + "b"; fn =3D Path.Combine(a, b); fn =3D a + =
fn =3D String.Concat("a", "\\"...
to ensure Mono behaves as the ms implementation.



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