[Mono-list] Platform comparison

Gustavo Ramos eureko@grmexico.com.mx
Thu, 11 Mar 2004 16:13:26 -0600

Hello Jonathan,

> Like I said, Explorer does not support *renaming* a file so that it begins
> with a dot :-) It is a bug in the SHRenameFile function. I debugged it a

Right, this is an *Explorer* bug. You can rename succesfully a "dot
file" from the command prompt, from some save dialog boxes, and other
apis that don't depend on the shell32.dll function SHRenameFile.

However, to stay compatible, Mono should reproduce the ms implementation
on this. I'm sure there are applications out there applying workarounds
in its code for fixing the issue, and it will need Mono to be consistent
to work properly.

I think we need some test cases that try
fileName = "a\\b";
fileName = "a" + "\\" + "b";
fn = Path.Combine(a, b);
fn = a + Path.DirectorySeparatorChar...
fn = String.Concat("a", "\\"...
to ensure Mono behaves as the ms implementation.