Run mono apps w/o mono (changed subject from "[Mono-list] Platform comparison")

Jochen Wezel
Tue, 9 Mar 2004 19:15:59 +0100

Would it make sense that somebody would implement that script of Brice =
into the install/make methods of mono so that the compiled .exe files =
run by simple calling?

--> Miguel, maybe only you can say when this should be done?


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Jochen Wezel wrote:

>Hi Brice!=20
>Please could you tell us some details on binft_misc? Where to get it? =
How to use/include it? A short and quicky example, maybe? Or a =
documentation somewhere?
> =20
Sure !
In fact it's binfmt_misc
it's a kernel module that the most recent distributions should have =
included in their base kernel.
Once it's loaded, there's a few manipulations to register a binary with =
the module, I've attached the rc.d script that my distribution =
(archlinux - uses.

> =20
Best regards,

Brice Carpentier aka Br|ce