[Mono-list] Platform comparison

Marcus mathpup@mylinuxisp.com
Mon, 8 Mar 2004 18:17:43 +0000

Some editions of the Rotor and MSDN docs have errors with regard to directory 
separator characters. I've seen at least once instance where the errors are 
fixed, however.

On Tuesday 09 March 2004 12:57 am, Jonathan Gilbert wrote:

> The character stored in this field cannot be in InvalidPathChars. This
> field can be set to the same value as DirectorySeparatorChar.
> AltDirectorySeparatorChar and DirectorySeparatorChar are both valid for
> separating directory levels in a path string.
> The value of this field is a backslash ('\') on Unix, and a slash ('/') on
> Windows and Macintosh operating systems.