[Mono-list] ByteFXData and mysql under linux

David Marsal david.marsal@free.fr
Sat, 06 Mar 2004 02:00:35 +0100

I run Debian with a fresh mono cvs installation

sqlsharp.exe give me the following :


Welcome to SQL#. The interactive SQL command-line client
for Mono.Data.  See http://www.go-mono.com/ for more details.
Type:  \Q to quit
       \ConnectionString to set the ConnectionString
       \Provider to set the Provider:
       \Open to open the connection
       \Close to close the connection
       \e to execute SQL query (SELECT)
       \h to show help (all commands).
       \defaults to show default variables.
Provider is not set.
ConnectionString is not set.
SQL# \Provider MySqlNET
The default Provider is LOADEXTPROVIDER
          Assembly: ByteFX.Data
  Connection Class: ByteFX.Data.MySQLClient.MySQLConnection
SQL# \ConnectionString Server=localhost;
Database=monotest;User ID=monotest;Password=monotest;Pooling=false;
SQL# \Open
Attempt to open connection...
Loading external provider...
Error: unable to load the assembly of the provider: ByteFX.Data :
Argument cannot be null
Parameter name: type


and still no success to see ByteFX/Mysql running on the web with xsp
I have trid to use the CVS of ByteFX the make process must be adapted
and I have no good enough skills