[Mono-list] Running Mono on Mac OS X Write up

Benjamin Reed ranger@befunk.com
Sun, 07 Mar 2004 00:45:47 -0500

Erik Dasque wrote:

> Yes, I believe we need one.
> As for the GC, instead of the internal one, I think we should recommend 
> : --with-gc=boehm after installing boehm gc6.3alpha4 .

Most definitely.  That's what I'm using for the Fink packages (btw, mono 
0.30.2 and xsp 0.9 are in fink unstable, both 10.2-gcc3.3 and 10.3)

> (making progress with GTK# on MacOS today)

It seems to freeze while generating the atk bits.  I've only tried it on 
my 10.2 machine (since it's generally easier to port forward than back) 
so I don't know if it acts better on panther...

How much luck have you had?

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