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I think this is a great idea. A few thoughts/comments:

* I think you might need to re-word the "Performance" bullet within "Why
.NET/Mono".  I agree that QuakeII.NET is very interesting, but given =
the code is still primarily (if not all??) C code, compiled using =
C++, means that benefit is not available to Mono.  Or at least, the
validation of Performance using that example is not valid with Mono.  I
would take great care in making blanket statements in this type of =
especially without very convincing justification.

* Platform independence is an interesting aspect of .NET, but it =
is not an advantage over Java.  This doesn't come across in how you have =
"Why .NET/Mono" section organized.  I would say platform independence is =
characteristic of the technology, but that's about it.

* Inside the "Extensibility" bullet, you are again discounting Java
technologies with statements like "I am aware of the Java Native =
but it just isn't practical" without a justification or at least a
description as to how .NET does it better is going to be fodder for any =
reading the article.

I think the article should stick to examining what makes .NET a great
technology.  It is ok to draw contrasts with other platforms that exist, =
I wouldn't attack Java, especially without very hard, detailed facts.  =
If I
were to try to write such an article, my target audience would be those
engineers who are either a) On the fence as to whether .NET is something
they are interested in learning; or b) In a decision making process as =
whether .NET is the right technology for a future project.

I hope this helps, and I'm willing to help out in any way I can.

Take care,


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Hello everyone,

I was reading Orbtech.com's "Why Python?" page yesterday
and I liked it very much. I thought it would be cool if there
was a similar "Why Mono?" page and so I wrote one! The URL is:


I am open to suggestions and criticisms. Please do tell me
if you think I have missed something, etc.