[Mono-list] Running Mono on Mac OS X Write up

Griffin Caprio griffincaprio@mac.com
Thu, 4 Mar 2004 20:33:01 -0600

On Mar 4, 2004, at 1:13 PM, Erik Dasque wrote:

>>> 1) Do you want to submit that for inclusion in the mono 
>>> documentation ?
>>> We could use a MacOS HOWTO.
>> Sure.  Does a MacOS HOWTO exist yet?
> Not as such, I don't believe.

Should we start one up?  I have no problem maintaining one.

>> Haven't tried yet.  Most of my work deals in the core ( mono & mac ), 
>> but I will look into it.
> Yes, getting bonobo-activation2 to intall from Fink is the hold up for 
> me right now.
>>> 5) What's your success in using the JIT on MacOS especially for large
>>> compilation (so mcs on mono, not mint).
>> Well, I was trying to compile my OSS project, DotNetMock, on mono, 
>> BUT i was running into trouble trying to compile NAnt first.  That is 
>> how I figured out the missing GC stuff.  I will say, that my 
>> DotNetMock project is fairly large, and it should be interesting to 
>> see how it performs.
> Were you successful in geting NAnt to compile ? What is DotNetMock ?

No, I haven't gotten NAnt to compile.  I keep trying, but I am getting 
strange errors.

DotNetMock is a open source library for implementing Mock Objects in 
.NET.  I am the creator & admin of the project.  They are very useful 
for unit testing.


> Erik