[good] Re: [Mono-list] monoDevelop (how do i get a beta copy) ?

ted leslie tleslie@tcn.net
Thu, 04 Mar 2004 16:23:16 -0500

Great .... but ... for deps i might be stuck on not having cvs to get 
is it available anywhere for a quick download? (sorry down know about 
Red Carpet or their channels).

 From README on monoDev ...

gtksourceview >= 0.7
gtksourceview-sharp from mono's cvs
(gtksourceview is available on Red Carpet,
on many of the OpenCarpet channels.)


Richard Torkar wrote:

>On Thu, 2004-03-04 at 21:47, ted leslie wrote:
>>I really need to start into monoDevelop.
>>I am developing some web sites with mono and my employees are ok using
>>MS visual .Net shit, but i have been using Linux on the desktop for 2+ 
>>years now and
>>I can't go back to touching a Windows box (for obvious reasons).
>>So i would love to try monoDevelop  even if it was p
>>Anyone know how i can get a copy (like today?).
>>There is notes in CVS about SVN but all require a keygen, and I don't 
>>need to commit work,
>>just grab a copy, and I don't want to go through a SVN install and a 
>>keygen, if someone can just email me
>>a copy or direct me on how to get it - please.
>A somewhat old snapshot can be found here:
>Version 0.1 will be released soon.