[Mono-list] mod_mono and DasBlog difficulties / stack trace with line numbers

Martin Lynge Hansen - gonz.dk martin@gonz.dk
Tue, 2 Mar 2004 11:43:56 +0100

Hi there,

I hope this is the right place to post this. I was unsure if the DasBlog team 
were willing to support the mono port, so here goes:

I have run into some (probably DasBlog specific) problems with mod_mono. The 
default.aspx page dies with a stack trace like this:

System.InvalidOperationException: Not a string
in <0x000ab> System.Resources.ResourceSet:GetString (string,bool)
in <0x000c9> System.Resources.ResourceManager:GetString 
in <0x00019> System.Resources.ResourceManager:GetString (string)
in <0x001a2> newtelligence.DasBlog.Web.Core.SharedBasePage:ProcessTemplate ()
in <0x0019a> newtelligence.DasBlog.Web.Core.SharedBasePage:Page_Load 
in <0x0005a> (wrapper delegate-invoke) 
in <0x00090> System.Web.UI.Control:OnLoad (System.EventArgs)
in <0x00031> System.Web.UI.Control:LoadRecursive ()
in <0x0018b> System.Web.UI.Page:InternalProcessRequest ()
in <0x0008f> System.Web.UI.Page:ProcessRequest (System.Web.HttpContext)
in <0x00186> .ExecuteHandlerState:Execute ()
in <0x00084> .StateMachine:ExecuteState 

So I know the whereabouts of the error, but I need the specific line number 
where this error occurs, so I guess my question is:

How do I get line numbers in the stack trace? I already modified the makefile 
to include the -g and --debug switches, but still nothing..

The setup is:
Apache 2.0.47
mod_mono checked out of cvs a week ago (0.7.99)
mono/mcs 0.30.2