[Mono-list] Mono on Multi Processor Mahines

Tracy Barlow tracy@aic.net.au
Tue, 02 Mar 2004 10:03:28 +1000

Has anyone attempted to serve Mono ASP.NET sites on Dual or 
Multiprocessor machines?

I have a Dual Intel PIII 500MHz machine with 512 Meg RAM runiing 
Mandrake SMP Linux

I have Apache 2.0.47 built with mpm=worker (--with-mpm=worker) which I 
also have running on a single processor machine, and Mono 0.29 (also on 
the Single processor machine

the single processor machine is a 1Gig PIII with 768 Meg of memory but 
is also running VMWare with Microsoft's Windows 2000 Server running on 
the virtual machine

When load testing the two machines the single processor machine is 
remarkably more responsive handling up to 50 concurrent users (or 
requests) at a time, and in addition the dual processor machine stops 
responding to requests, and eventually appears to fail with socket errors.



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