[Mono-list] mono issues with xsp, mod_mono

Tim Myrick tmyrick@arkonecall.com
Mon, 1 Mar 2004 15:37:07 -0600

I've got kind of a crazy issue, and have looked around on the lists but
couldn't find anything similar. I'm running a FreeBSD 4.7 machine, with mono
0.29 installed from the ports collection (which is the latest version in the
ports - the most recent source tarball from go-mono.com wouldn't compile).
I've retrieved XSP 0.8 and mod_mono 0.6 as they appear to match this version
of mono and compiled them successfully from source using gmake (they're not
available in the ports collection).

If I run XSP and assign it the root dir, address and port XX (I can't use
port 8080 as it's taken up by Jakarta Tomcat on my box) it shows to start
successfully. However, if I try to connect with a browser to the assigned
port, it just sits there with the progress bar slowly moving. If I jump to
the server while that's happening, I can see the CPU useage for the mono
process gradually rising until it eventually takes all of the CPU. If I stop
the browser from trying to access that port, cpu useage on the server drops
right off.

The exact same thing happens when using mod-mono-server.exe and mod_mono.
They both appear to start successfully, but as soon as the page is accessed
cpu useage for mono gradually goes through the roof. Has anybody seen this
or anything similar? Is there any way to get more verbose logging for XSP?

Tim Myrick