[Mono-list] Mono under Windows 2000, Windows NT 4.0, etc.

Schrader, Peter pschrader@bieber-gruppe.de
Mon, 1 Mar 2004 18:55:46 +0100

Hi !

We have an ASP.NET web application.
We would like our application to run also under Windows NT.
Unfortunately, Microsoft's ASP.NET 1.0 and 1.1 cannot be run under =
Windows NT.
Therefore, we have started a preliminary study of basing our web app on =
and run it under Windows.

Of course we already studied the info available at www.go-mono.com . We =
would'nt even mind reading Spanish, but, links like "Other Sites", =
"Beginning", "Documentation" simply don't lead to any info about using =
mono under Windows in any human language we are able to use. I guess the =
relevant web pages are still under construction or momentarily =

I loaded down the Mono-0.30 set-up for Windows. But, so far I was unable =
to do more than compiling a "Hello, World!" console application and run =
it. I couldn't even compile my "Hello, World!" Windows Forms application =

Is there any reasonable documentation available on using Mono under =
Windows ?
Or, what would you advise me to do, in order to get a "Hello, World" =
ASP.NET application compiled and running ?

Any helpfull hints or suggestions would be very much appreciated.


Bieber Computer-Systeme GmbH
Wuppertal, Germany