[Mono-list] mono-debugger graphical mode

Bart Van Rompaey bart@perfectpc.be
Mon, 01 Mar 2004 18:07:25 +0100

I checked mono-debugger out of cvs and builded it. The textual mode
works fine, but when I try to launch the graphical mode (that's what the
mono-debug script launches, right?), I get the following error:

cannot open assembly /bin/Debugger.exe

and that's logical, because the build process didn't create that file.
Do I have to add any configure parameters or is graphical mode broken at
this moment? Then I tried mono-debug-0.5, but that one is broken with
Mono 0.30, as mentioned before on this group by Gustavo Ramos.


Bart Van Rompaey <bart@perfectpc.be>